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You have questions, we have answers!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding travel planning.

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I want to go on a vacation, I don’t know where to go.

When choosing a vacation destination, you want to decide what experiences you are looking for, the time of the year, as well as your budget.  If you are wanting to lay out on the beach, a Caribbean destination may be a great idea. If you are looking for adventure visiting Europe or Dubai are excellent  


The weather plays a big factor in determining the time of year to visit a destination. Hurricane season, winter weather as well as extreme heat are factors to consider.


 Last, however just as important, how much do you want to spend on your destination. Once you’ve decided the type of experiences your are seeking, the time of the year and your budget, our experienced agents will  work with you to plan your dream vacation.


How does price versus value affect my travel plans?

Cost is the bottom line as to what you will pay for your dream experience. Value is what you will receive for the cost. Value means different things to different people. We will help you plan your perfect vacation balancing both the value of the experience and the costs.

What type of travel documents will I need?

Many international destinations require a U S passport, immigration card and possibly visas. To determine what travel documents are needed for the specific country your are visiting, visit


What if I need to cancel my travel plans?

We strongly encourage each of our travel clients to secure travel insurance immediately upon paying the deposit on your dream vacation. We understand that plans may change, we want to ensure the investment you made into your vacation is protected in case they do!

What is MKS Travel’s booking process?

After completing our initial inquiry form, one of our experience travel advisors  will work with you to plan  your dream vacation.


How do I navigate around my chosen destination once I arrive?

From securing pre and post departure transportation to in destination transportation, our travel advisors will work with to schedule tours and transportation to those tours. Leave the logistics to us, while you enjoy your vacation.

Is travel insurance necessary?

YES, travel insurance is a necessary expense. As you determine your budget for your dream vacation, add in the cost of travel insurance. This added layer of protection may help you before, during, and after your vacation. We can never plan for emergencies, however we want you to be protected.

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